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        Company Profile

        About Qiaofeng
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        As one of national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, Guangdong Qiaofeng Industry Stock Co., Ltd., founded in 1986 and reorganized in 1995, is a deep-processing seafood export enterprise integrating fishing, aquiculture, technology development, production, and sale. The Haimen harbor where our company is situated, a national central fishing port, is blessed with unique geographic environment, which lay a good foundation for our seafood processing, fishing, and aquiculture.

        Through 20-odd-year development, Qiaofeng Group has covered many industry fields, business is widely expanded in many countries and regions. Currently she has gradually become a industrial group company of technology and industrialization.We have several seafood deep-processing bases and domestic & overseas marketing institutions; we also have established production facilities and large-scale cool houses up to international hygiene standard. Our company is well-quipped with advanced production equipment, and has 3000 well-trained employees. We have our own fishing fleet and aquiculture bases.

        Our company has been dedicating to innovation and brand promotion. Its leading products include pasteurized crabmeat, shrimp series, fishes and shellfishes which are very popular in countries and regions in such as Europe, America , and East Asia . With wide and stable sales networks, our products have been falling short of demand. The canned crabmeat and frozen breaded shrimp with independent brand Captain Yao enjoy high reputation in European and American markets. The total volume of our crabmeat exported to the U.S.A ranked first in our country for consecutive years.

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